Welcome to STARPIC PROJECT  “a great community project for all“.

Founded in 2014 by Chris Cooney with the vision to bring activities into communities while removing barriers and making it accessible for all. Originally starting in a church hall,  the project has grown and engages with over 95 young people weekly, through various project activities within communities and schools as part of Edinburgh’s active schools programme.

Delivering activities to various age groups, working in partnership with communities, schools and other agencies throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Youth Project

Starpic youth project engages with young people in a safe youth work setting, building transferable skills.

Starpic deliver various activities throughout Edinburgh as part of the ‘active schools’ programme.


Starpic dance delivers high quality coaching at all levels. Building confidence and providing a performance pathway.


The vision at STARPIC is to provide a safe space for all children and young people giving the opportunities to realise their potential, while building transferable skills. 


Our mission at STARPIC is to support young people while removing barriers towards creating confident individual,  successful learners and guiding towards a more positive destination.   

We have secured funding to allow specific activities to be delivered to the greater community as part of the “Youth Project“.  It is funding that makes this possible and allows our highly skilled team to engage with many who otherwise would not have had the opportunity.